Getting Hired: Landing Freelance Work With an Agency

Freelance Work With an Agency

Agency life is busy, and often driven by deadlines. As a result, an agency will look to partner with talent outside their business and use freelance work to fill any gaps. While many agencies are agile, they take great pride in cultivating relationships and a talent roster outside of their core team.

Soft Skills

At GridStone, we love working with people who in addition to their unique skill set (graphic design, video, animation, etc.) also have excellent project management skills. People who manage their time well, provide timelines that they stick to, outline the project and provide ongoing updates are highly valued. Additionally, if a freelancer can nudge us for elements or specific things they need (especially because we’re often busy), move to the top of our freelancing list.

Other key skills include:

  • Creativity
  • Troubleshooting
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Reliability and tenacity
  • Working with different brands

Hard Skills

Freelance partners who are crystal clear about what they can or cannot do are our favorite type of freelancers. If you are a graphic designer but not an illustrator, say so. Are you a web programmer but weak in implementing SEO? Tell us.

Clarity of your true skill set is crucial for a company wanting to work with you. Just be honest with yourself and in turn, with the agency you want to work with.

Several other key attributes include:

  • Hourly Rate: Clarity about your rates via a list or rate card, what is considered out of scope and what is included.
  • Timelines: A clear understanding of timelines and your schedule. Do you only work weekends and evenings? Share this. Nobody wants to underestimate a deadline. Ever.
  • Invoicing: Separating line items by project and by client within the agency also lets us invoice properly to a client without having to go back and sort through emails.

We all have bills to pay, so choosing who you work with is a big responsibility. Your reputation may take time to build but mere moments to break. Don’t just work ‘in’ the business but work on your own business acumen too.

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