About Us

We are innovators, creators and planners. With years of business experience, our specialists and implementers see the big picture and the small details. Evaluate our service offering, our skills and experience to see if GridStone is the right firm for you.

Our Core Values


We pursue innovative and imaginative options for our clients. We are problem solvers focused on dynamic solutions.


We elevate each other’s work through strong communication and support. We are committed to partnerships for client excellence.

Continuously Improving

We strive daily to develop our skills, our processes, and our services. We believe that there is always room for growth.

Our Team

Lynette Lefsrud
Tracey Murray
Marketing and Sales Director
Emily Mireault
Marketing Coordinator
Harm Deckers
Intellectual Property
Tracy Seaman
Human Resources
Jeremy Ray
Business and Sales Advisor
Eva Wan
Lead Creative Designer
Maria Meijer
Senior Advisor, Content