THE INNOVATORS: Climeon Aims to Produce Electricity from Oil Related Waste Water

THE INNOVATORS: Climeon Aims to Produce Electricity from Oil Related Waste Water

April 04th, 2018
By GridStone

The Climeon Heat Power units are designed to take maximum advantage of low temperature heat, from geothermal or industrial waste heat sources

By Tracey Murray

The capture and conversion of waste heat into electricity is the unsung hero of clean power. Sweden-based cleantech company, Climeon, is working to capture a piece of that market with its patented, scalable 150 kW power-generating modules (and multiples thereof) that convert low-temperature heat from both pure play geothermal water resources and from active oil and gas wells into electricity and they are now targeting Alberta as one of four global regions for its sales efforts.

By exploiting the temperature difference between hot and cold water or gas, Climeon’s Heat Power modules are a promising option for solving oil and gas site power generation requirements in remote northern locations without electrical grid tie-in.

Climeon’s aim is to replace diesel generators that typically provide the electricity for these sites. While the Climeon Heat Power system requires a higher upfront investment, the company claims that it may be outweighed in the long term by eliminating the relatively high ongoing diesel delivery costs of conventional power generation. The cost of carbon emissions are also factored into this equation.

Climeon Heat Power delivers a baseload, non-intermittent form of electricity. So when cost comparisons are made to other clean sources, battery storage needs to be added into the solar and wind power equation.

“We added Canada as a new market in the end of last year and we have already seen progress in form of a first sales order. The first order ever for geothermal power production in Canada. This proves the need for a modular and distributed solution that mitigates the development risks and enables a quick deployment.  We are happy to work on Canada’s first geothermal Heat Power project together with Borealis Geopower where the distributed power production from Climeon’s Heat Power solution will contribute to Valemount’s economic development by providing additional energy to the area” says Ruben Havsed, Head of Sales Geothermal for Climeon.

With more than 50 per cent of the world’s energy lost to the environment as low-grade heat, the market opportunity for Climeon’s technology is immense.