Everybody Jump on the Industry Bandwagon


Having specialized in technical marketing for B2B companies, a frustration I’ve shared with my clients is an unwillingness of E&P companies to lend their name in support of the successes enabled by oil and gas service companies.

Just in the past few months, I’ve worked on two press releases and a trade journal article for a client where the E&P folks directly working with the service company were initially happy to provide information and supporting quotes – in some cases even offering without being asked – only to have it kiboshed by their upper management.

Frustrating to say the least!

The reason given by an E&P for pulling out of the trade article, was that the service company took too much credit in the write up for the success of the job. The full details of the job were included in the write up to provide context for the particular service company’s role, but the intent was for the E&P to take the byline and thus elevate their own visibility with investors, while highlighting the aspect of the job completed by the service company. The E&P was given full approval authority, but instead of simply requesting changes to the article – that we would have been happy to incorporate – they denied participation outright.

This not only resulted in the service company jeopardizing the relationship with the trade journal by having to back out of the article, but they can’t even use an abridged version of the success story on their website as a case study because they are too afraid of pissing off the E&P. Their hands are tied.

The reason given by one of the E&P companies for pulling out of a press release was not wanting to show favoritism to a particular service provider. E&Ps tend to work with a number of services companies providing similar services to mitigate risk. But here’s a thought…if you don’t want to show favoritism, lend your name and testimonials to ALL the service companies you work with!

The industry is going through the worst downturn in 30 years. It’s time for E&Ps to get on the bandwagon and show their support to service companies that are providing enabling technologies and outstanding operations that are positively affecting the E&P’s bottom line.

We need to band together, operators and service companies alike, to elevate the industry. Start telling the success stories – all of them!

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