Getting ready for the Santa Trail

GridStone has been engaged to set up a program to encourage shopping within the region serviced by the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development. Working with retailers, Christmas markets, tourism,
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Thinking Differently: Focus, Set Goals and Change.

To survive in the world of business today, you must adopt a different mindset. What does thinking differently for business really mean? I recently listened to three successful businessmen having
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You’re Leaving Money on the Table

If you don’t have a well-run marketing team and an optimized sales department in your business, you’re leaving money on the table. And, in today’s economy, can you afford to?
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Customer Service

Want to stand out? Show your clients you really care

It’s tough to stand out in a sea of companies, especially with competitors who have more money and resources. But one thing that always wins the hearts and minds of
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Freelance Work With an Agency

Getting Hired: Landing Freelance Work With an Agency

Agency life is busy, and often driven by deadlines. As a result, an agency will look to partner with talent outside their business and use freelance work to fill any
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