Our Why

“A dream will not become an innovation if there is no realization.”

– Ciputra

Our Why Statement

GridStone was created after seeing that many dynamic ideas and concepts just need a little help to build momentum. Many business leaders have innovative ideas and unique ways to approach a problem, but to take the next step they need to focus on generating revenue and growing the organization. It is from that inspiration that GridStone was started.

We believe in an abundance mindset and that technology and human innovation will continue to solve our biggest challenges. Our innate drive to seek new solutions gets us excited about coming to work every day. From this vantage point, GridStone works with leaders to help make their business vision become reality. We partner with companies that have an innovative mindset – leaders who want to do more, accomplish more and reach higher – because we want to do the same.

Our team culture is based on core values of creativity, collaboration and continuous improvement to deliver our “why” to our amazing clients. We seek out opportunities to raise the bar and deliver true value for our partners.


We Care

We care deeply about igniting new ideas and inspiring greatness in others. We give back in numerous ways as individuals and as a company. Below are a few organizations we support.