Business Growth Report Card

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

– James Cash Penney

Business Growth Assessment

We start every engagement with a Business Growth Assessment. Our team sits down with you to assess your business growth potential based on our 5 pillars. Then we provide you with a Business Growth Report Card that outlines your growth potential to take your next step.

To kick off the process, our senior team members will sit down with your leaders/management for a 2-hour free assessment to determine where you place with regard to these 5 metrics. Through our free assessment, we evaluate your top concerns and identify key areas of focus. At the end of our process, we’ll provide you with our recommendations and a copy of the report card.

If you choose to move forward, we’ll tackle the top problems focusing on optimizing business growth. Every quarter we’ll touch base, using the report card as our guide to take your organization to the next level. To set up your free assessment, email [email protected].


To learn about our past successes, read some testimonials from our clients below.
“Since partnering with GridStone we have never felt like a small consulting company. The team is packed with individuals who are diverse in knowledge, forthcoming with B2B networking opportunities and genuinely care about making your company goals a reality.”
Founder & Principal Consultant, Voyage West
“With a challenging business environment, coupled with a new revolutionary testing system, Aphorist needed to understand four key needs. First what would it take to be a disrupter, second what is the size of both the available and peripheral markets, third what would be the best marketing strategy and lastly what changes would be required inside the company to bring it all together. Lynette and her team delivered a comprehensive and detailed report that confirmed our suspicions and brought new light and new ideas for future development.”
COO, Aphorist Inc.
“In spring 2015, it was determined that an invention that we had created could be a game changer and would require a broad and detailed patent. I immediately turned to GridStone and I couldn’t have worked with a better team than Maria Meijer and Harm Deckers. From the moment they took on the project through to our final filing, they were insightful, informative, professional and never lacking in attention to detail. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”
CEO, Calgary-based start up
“GridStone is an amazing team to work with. We are a growing business that needs efficient and pointed efforts to push brand awareness and reach our customers with a constant stream of new technology and ideas. We want to change mindsets in our industry, and we need support. GridStone has been a seamless part of this process with expertise, execution and honesty. They work with our budgets, our deadlines and our excitable team of passionate people. They keep a very technically-minded company aware and on track with the right marketing initiatives. And they do it very well.”
Director of Business Development, OSP