You’re Leaving Money on the Table

If you don’t have a well-run marketing team and an optimized sales department in your business, you’re leaving money on the table. And, in today’s economy, can you afford to?

Over the years, and at all levels, from entrepreneurs to the seasoned C-Suite executive, there is often a tendency to lump marketing and sales together without a second thought. While these two disciplines should always work together, they should still be considered two separate skill sets and if they aren’t both working at full productivity, your business isn’t growing at its full potential.

Consider this statement: Marketing creates interest. Sales creates cash.

No business can function without focusing attention and strategy around both sales and marketing.

Marketing: It’s About the Company, Product, Brand or Service.

Marketing is a multi-sensory, multi-pronged discipline that creates brand awareness, interest, provides information, establishes the business credibility. Further, marketing allows for the business to establish itself in the vertical it is servicing. In simple terms: Are you a “leader” in your space or you’re an “also ran”?

Great marketing can highlight a “WOW” factor and make you stand apart. Think of any vertical; what names to come mind? Yep – they all have great marketing, right?

Sales: It’s All About the Client.

Sales is the discipline that converts the interest the potential customer displays into the actual sale of the product/service. This is where the relationship is built between the client and company and where value is displayed.

Robust sales programs transform and grow a business. Product knowledge, great customer service, and long-term relationships – these all matter to growing a business.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Think about the leading company in any industry – the brand leaders always come to mind like Apple, Nike and Amazon, but a little closer to home in Alberta – Calgary Stampede for example, is easily recognized, and we’re sure a few more as well.

Our role is to help businesses build a strategy with growth in mind, paying close attention to both marketing and sales – helping you capture both the interest and the sale.

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